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Why We Are Here
Spirit Of The Rainbow exists to express a spirit of oneness as we build heaven on earth.

Our work is both on a personal and a planetary level and is guided by our ideal:


Being all the colours of our rainbow
   We can embrace the oneness of creation
  And be loving and respectful to all life.

About Simenon Honoré
Simenon Honoré was born in Oxford, UK in 1952. Graduating in History from London University’s

School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Simenon spent over 25 years as a teacher of History, Politics and meditation.

He has been involved in both political and spiritual movements as well as working through his own personal healing.

 Simenon has published a number of books as well as giving talks on personal and planetary change

within the overall theme of human spirituality.

What We Aim To Do

We aim to support people working towards heaven on earth within the idea of

oneness. We can:
                                                        ☼ Offer a free e-mail service dealing with queries sent to us. 
☼ Encourage and stimulate ideas and action through our books.
☼ Give talks & workshops on the themes within Spirit of the Rainbow.
How To Contact Us
You can contact us: Spirit Of The Rainbow
P. O. Box 483 Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 9QU UK
Via our email address - spiritoftherainbow@yahoo.co.uk

Please visit our Youtube channel SpiritOfTheRainbow

Spirit Of The Rainbow™ is an independent organisation. It is not part of any sect, religion or political group


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