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Opening Ourselves To The Truth Of The Universe



 “Enlightenment is inevitable,” a great sage once said.

The more we are open to our spirit, the more we are willing to explore without preconceived ideas,

the more we take calculated risks, the more we can experience enlightenment.

Above all wisdom teaches us to search with humility: the more we know, the more we realise we do not know.


We can also ask ourselves what tools do we bring to our search?

For like a scientific experiment, the equipment we use often determines the type of the conclusion we reach.

We can choose to use all our senses, intuition as well as intellect, listening within as well as listening without.

We can empower ourselves to challenge the accepted ‘truths’ about spirituality.

Whatever the outcome, when we explore with honesty and integrity the journey is itself ennobling.

Our work adds to the unfolding truth of our universe.


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This book strips away the centuries of dogma and takes us back to the drawing board so we can begin our own authentic quest for Jesus. Using both our intellect and intuition, we can search for our connection with Jesus.

Finding Jesus Ourselves empowers us in making our own choices as we explore our spirituality:

  *Who or what should we trust     

      to guide us?

  *Why does “doctrinal  

      correctness” limit us?

   *How can we create our own path 

     to Jesus?

Finding Jesus Ourselves supports us in taking responsibility for our own spiritual development.


The Community of Christ opens a new horizon for us in seeing Jesus’ work as delivering a universal message   for humanity beyond any religious doctrine. The book looks afresh at Jesus’ mission on earth and questions the traditional focus on his death. Rather his work was to bring new life to this planet by his very presence:

“For it was his life that was at the heart of the message he had  for humanity. He was so alive, more alive than any other  human being, he shone with it. If his ministry has a central point, it is the Sermon on the Mount. For there he was as the morning sun. His very being was filled with such a light that it radiated across the world: subtly, invisibly, yet with unimaginable power.”

This is a new vision of Jesus.



















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