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Going With The Flow Of The Universe


There is a natural ebb and flow in life – for us as individuals, but also as nations.

Countries grow and evolve just as people do.

The trick is neither to force the pace of change nor hinder it, always making sure as countries that we include everybody

and as individuals that we include every part of our being as we move forward.

By learning to tune into tide of change countries can avoid both violent turmoil and stifling stagnation.

People can avoid either overstretching themselves or holding back their personal growth.


This is Riverlution: going with the flow of the universe.

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"There is a river that runs through life. And if we follow its course

 it will take us to our highest destiny...”

So begins the book that takes us across the cosmos and into our daily lives as we learn how we can go with the universal flow with awareness and creativity. Riverlution shows how nations, continents, star systems and each one of us has a  natural rhythm of evolution -“Every throb of the Heart Divine” as Edgar Allen Poe wrote. By following the flow of our riverlution we can fulfil our soul purpose. Topics include:

· Free will and our spiritual destiny

· Goodness and evil in our universe

· Going with the flow in our daily lives

· Women’s riverlution: a right denied

· The Illuminati and human evolution

· Atlantis, Lemuria and planetary evolution

This is Riverlution: going with the flow of the universe.








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