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Where We Come From
The Spirit of the Rainbow was born in the loos of a gay nightclub.

One night two friends were there chatting to each other when their conversation turned to spirituality.

Gradually their discussion became deeper and they could feel the presence of the Spirit.

At first their exchange went quite unnoticed in general hubbub, as the loos were busy places both socially and sexually.

But they slowly became aware that the bustling around them was ceasing as more and more people were starting to listen.

 At that moment spirituality and sexuality, heaven and earth were brought together.

 It lasted only a few minutes but it bore witness to the eternal power of the Spirit as it fills every aspect of life.

The Spirit Of The Rainbow was born.

The Spirit that brings together sexuality and spirituality
Is the Spirit
That brings together all the parts of our being into a healing wholeness
Is the Spirit
That brings together all the peoples of the planet united in humanity
Is the Spirit
That brings an awareness of ourselves as part of nature
Is the Spirit
That brings us to experience the Oneness 

This is the Spirit Of The Rainbow


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