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Listening To Our Inner Senses



Intuition, the sixth sense, our ‘inner vision’ is an extremely valuable tool

that can give us a deeper insight into the nature of the world in which we live.

With careful practice we can learn to find the answers within as well as without.

We need to learn too to distinguish between intuition and other senses such as instinct,

which derives from the animal world and is useful for basic survival.

The higher senses like intuition will open worlds for us that neither the intellect nor instinct can.


In the West religion gradually became discredited through its appalling excesses such as the Inquisition and witch persecutions.

Humane and enlightened thinkers sought to replace the old superstitions and blind obedience to doctrine with rational thought.

 But in so doing they threw out the spiritual baby with the religious bath water and came to place their faith in reason.

 Neglecting the intuitive senses they believed that the intellect would solve humanity’s problems.

Whilst the intellect certainly has its uses just like the technology it has spawned,

it cannot take us beyond a certain point in our quest.


Listening to our inner senses can guide us through our spiritual adventure on earth.



Welcome To Planet Earth opens new horizons for readers starting on their spiritual exploration. Using both the intellect and intuition, and   drawing on authentic life experiences, it offers insights into questions we may ask ourselves as we awaken to our soul’s calling:

·        WHO AM I?




“Welcome to Planet Earth is exactly what it says on the tin. It is an operating manual for this often complex ‘inner organism’ of who we are, which we all need to learn how to navigate. Simenon Honoré presents what I would call ‘actionable philosophy’; the ways and means for more balance and joy in our life through deeper self-knowledge.”

PATRICK HOUSER, Author and Educator

“I read this book avidly from start to finish. It feels strongly spiritual and the author has had his own experiences of enlightenment.”

CELIA GAIL STUART, Healer & Psychic Counsellor

“It explores a whole new way of looking at the problems we face right now and an invigorating one. It makes a refreshing change. A very fine addition to the We Are One Series.”

ANN BARTER, Spiritual Psychotherapist & Colour Healer












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