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Embracing Heaven and Earth


Embracing Our Life On Earth


Life expresses itself in many forms of which we are one.

We are both irreplaceably unique and part of the oneness of the universe.

Both of these truths can be expressed here on earth. As part of Creation, this is the invitation of our lives.


Win whatever shape or form we arrived on this planet, we really are meant to be here – body and soul.

Whatever the conditions we find ourselves in, there is always something we can learn.

We are to experience and explore.


The fruits of our journey will contribute to the unfolding story of human kind.

Let all our colours of our rainbow shine.










Based on insights from more than 25 years experience in the classroom, this book asks the question:




Its answer is as simple as it is radical: the development of fully human beings:


“The world does not need more clever people. It needs more  good ones: people with integrity, with honesty, with compassion,     with humanity.”


The book provides not only the thinking behind its  ideas but also practical approaches for the classroom    based on experience. This is a visionary book grounded in  the everyday reality of teaching in the 21st century.



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